On-Page SEO Checklist 2020 To Ease Your Current Website Strategies in 2020

We can decision SEO as associate degree trade currently, it’s not that tiny piece of service that, we tend to simply execute, it’s an enormous beast that may roar itself and create its mark on every and each trade.

Now, the question is, the way to do SEO? whether or not to travel for on-page or off-page? What matters most? many consumers area unit confused over on-page SEO and on-the-spot SEO, on-page SEO stands for optimizing one page and for the on-the-spot, entire web site.

Off-page SEO relies on link building, essentially what we tend to do with links referred to as off-page SEO. SEO consultants recommend to travel for on-page SEO initial, it’s the inspiration of your SEO methods.

On-Page SEO is brought up as simply the implementation of keywords for many purchasers. But, there’s way more on this – Keywords, links, content, UI & UX.

This On-page SEO list can assist you to optimize page at a core level, simply check out!

Fully-Fledged On-Page SEO list 2020

    1. Setup & Security

    Install associate degree applicable SEO Plugin:

    Set up SEO Plugin for your CMS that helps you to try to to adjustment for SEO factors.

    Recommended plugins for SEO: Yoast Plugin or dead One SEO Pack.

    Also, check these seven Best SEO Plugins in 2020

    2. Google Analytics:

    Install Google Analytics for chase and reportage the web site traffic.

    3. Search Console:

    Implement Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools for web site classification standing and on-page observation of all pages.

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    4. SSL Certificate:

    HTTPs comes with various edges like keyword ranking edges, security, and performance, you'll be able to build trust with search engines and guests.

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    P.s – From July 2018, Google Chrome is currently be marking all non-HTTPS websites as “Not Secure”

    5. Traffic monitoring:

    Get period traffic observation and guests engagements with Tawk live chat tool.

    6. Social Sharing Buttons:

    Make use of Social sharing buttons. These don't seem to be ranking factors however it'd use to unfold your content. distinguished social sharing buttons will increase social sharing by 700%.

    7. Full Backup:

    Make sure you've got a full backup of your web site to avoid any failure in addition as spam attacks.

    Recommended tool for web site backup: BackWPup

    8. Robots.txt:

    Implement robots.txt to offer directions robots on the way to crawl and index pages from the web site.

    9. Sitemap:

    Implement Sitemap.xml to assist search engines for higher classification and creeping of your websites and conjointly produce sitemap.html for users to grasp web site hierarchy.


    1. Competitive research:

    Make complete reverse engineering analysis on your competitors to grasp their SEO methods and keywords.

    Recommended tools: Moz and Ahref

    2. Keyword Research:

    Make keyword analysis for your business services, list out the keywords with the low competition with high volume.

    Recommended tools: Semrush and Ubersuggest 

    3. Keywords in Meta tags – Title and Description:

    It’s an important issue for keyword ranking. you need to keep title length between 10-70 characters and Meta description in between a hundred and fifty to one hundred sixty characters.

    4. Keyword Density:

    Keyword density is that the proportion of keywords or keyphrases that you just have used on a webpage compared with the whole variety of words on the webpage. Ideal keyword density is regarding one to three.

    5. Header tag Optimization:

    Implement header tag improvement, particularly H1, it will improve your program ranking. you'll be able to most use just one H1 tag.

    6. Image optimization:

    Optimize your all pictures, and check that it should have EL tags and title tags.

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    1. Content Optimization:

    • Content ought to be free from Grammatical errors & orthography mistakes. suggested tool for checking grammatical errors & orthography mistakes: Grammarly.
    • The average content length for one net result page that ranks within the high ten results for any keyword on Google has avg a pair of,000 words.

    2. Text/HTML Ratio:

    Make sure your web site should have twenty five to seventieth Text to HTML quantitative relation.

    3. Check for duplicate content:

    Make sure that your content should not be duplicated elsewhere on the online or not! you'll be able to check this with Copyscape or Plagiarism tool.


    1. Link Structure:

    URL could be a giant ranking issue and SEO friendly addresss have an effect on CTR. thus use dashes rather than underscores within the URLs.

    Example: Use “abc.com/abc-xyz” rather than “abc.com/abc_xyz”

    2. address Rewrite:

    Make sure that every one pages redirecting from non-www to computer network. you'll be able to implement this with a “.htaccess” file.

    3. Canonical tag:

    Make sure the web site has superimposed a canonical tag, It’s associate degree HTML part that helps webmasters stop duplicate content problems by specifying the ”canonical’.

    4. Broken links:

    Use Broken Link Checker tool to mend the broken links.

    Accessibility & Infrastructure

    1. web site Page-Speed:

    Do you have checked your web site page speed? you'll be able to check it victimisation any of those tools: Pingdom, Page Speed Insights or GTmetrix.

    2. W3C Validation:

    Make validate of your content with W3C Validation.

    3. Schema Implementation:

    Go for Schema markups to boost the approach your web content is painted in SERPs.

    4. Mobile Rendering:

    About hour of traffic comes from mobile devices. That’s why you ought to implement your website responsive and mobile-friendly that delivers a good user expertise.

    Go for Google’s Mobile-friendly check and do a fast web site audit.

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